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LocationOur PriceOthers
Amsterdam City Center€ 35€ 40
Amsterdam North€ 45€ 50
Amsterdam South€ 30€ 30
Amsterdam East€ 40€ 45
Amsterdam West€ 30€ 35

Cab Amsterdam

As a visitor, resident or even if you are just making a brief stopover in Amsterdam, transportation is important. Your transport experience can frustrate or make your time in Amsterdam fun. Cab Amsterdam is built with convenience and good service as priorities, with the goal of giving you a great treat.

We understand how important your experiences are and have tailored our response (services) to your transport needs, to meet those needs in the best way possible.

What do we really offer?

We offer what you need and have packaged our services to increase your experience of convenience and good service. Thus, our services offer the following and much more.

  • Online reservation
  • 24/7 available
  • Professional Chauffeurs
  • Always a cab near you
  • Cheap prices

What more?​

There is definitely so much more, one of which is the fact that you have no worries as far as communication is concerned. Our Chauffeurs are of diverse backgrounds and we have professional language speakers too. In addition, we call to give you heads-up before pick-up time.

Remember, we are a 24/7 available good service cab company that takes your convenience seriously. Book for our services and enjoy our comfy treat.

Cab Amsterdam Services


Also in transport Taxi Amsterdam creates a wide choice for its customers! Should you be traveling with a 4-person car, 6-person car or an 8-person car? Taxi Amsterdam has it all for you! Ranging from classic cars to the most breathtaking vehicles. You choose, we provide.

24/7 Available

Taxi Amsterdam has hundreds of chauffeurs working for her. These Chauffeurs are classified in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights. No daypart goes by without our chauffeurs lending their services. You can always book your journey at Taxi Amsterdam.

Pick-up Service From Schiphol

We usually contact our clients after they have landed at Schiphol airport. Here both, the customer and our chauffeur, communicate and manage to find each other. From that moment, your journey, has started at Taxi Amsterdam


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About Cab Amsterdam

Cab Amsterdam is an online taxi service founded by taxi drivers, to provide pick-up and drop-off services in and around Amsterdam to visitors and residents at a reasonable price. Through the platform, customers can order, reserve or arrange for a taxi.

The primary aim of the platform is to provide an opportunity for users to get access to taxis without the interference of Authorized Taxi Organizations (ATOs).

As a result of the monopoly position of the ATOs, Taxi Drivers are forced to remit high commissions and this result in very expensive Taxi services. Cab Amsterdam is focused on eliminating the extra charges that are incurred on taxi services as a result of the influence of ATOs.

Company Structure

Simply put, Cab Amsterdam is just a pass through platform to help eliminate the influence of an ATO by removing the necessity of a Chamber of Commerce registration. Rides that enter via Cab Amsterdam are distributed among drivers who all work independently and can be considered as self-employed.

During registration, Cab Amsterdam requests a small contribution from the drivers to facilitate the maintenance of the platform and does not require or request any more than that from the drivers. There are no demands of commissions or other allowances from the registered drivers apart from the original contributions which goes into maintaining the system. The platform has no other source(s) of income other than the amount paid at registration and this implies that Cab Amsterdam has no fiscal responsibilities.