4 Fables About Non-Monogamous Couples

When you notice the language ”
ethical non-monogamy
,” what do you picture? Monogamish partners exactly who occasionally have a guest star inside room? Open, sprawling poly networking sites of people that resides alone and time casually? Three to four adults and a lot of kids, all living with each other? Some of these would in fact be affordable, considering that the large broad realm of honest non-monogamy encompasses
many different relationship styles
and designs. These union types sometimes just a few circumstances in keeping, nevertheless they’re crucial similarities: they may be truthful, they involve more than simply a couple, and they are frequently misinterpreted and conflated.

Inside my time as a non-monogamous individual, i have dipped my toe into several of the ethically non-mono swimming pools. I am monogamish, regarded as me my very own major partner (solamente poly), plus tried out hierarchical poly — such as a very unfortunate but luckily short time period
unicorn looking
. While
each design features it really is own certain urban myths
that surround it
(and that’s regrettable since there’s countless
more fascinating points to discuss
), any sign of moral non-monogamy has some elementary fables which happen to be needing quashing. Here are four urban myths that fairly non-monogamous partners frequently come across. But first, browse the most recent bout of Bustle’s Sex and Relationships podcast, i would like It By doing this:

Myth number 1: We’re Cheating On The Associates

The obvious myth surrounding fairly non-monogamous couples usually one or all of them is actually “dirty,” especially if some body views some body except that the companion they normally see you with. But regardless of if both partners can be found, mono folk usually equate ethical non-monogamy with infidelity, nevertheless the “ethical” part is key right here. Cheating is intimately unfaithful — sex with some body except that one’s partner in
infraction of a boundary or contract
. In the event the contract


intercourse along with other partners, it’s not cheating — duration.

Myth no. 2: We’re All Swingers

The first thing that usually pops into the mind when someone realizes a couple of they are aware actually monogamous is: swingers. Though some folks choose that form of honest non-monogamy (stats are difficult discover, but I don’t truly know any swingers, actually), a lot of people locally have some other frameworks they choose, particularly because lots of people are more limited within their
determination for sex beyond mental link


Myth no. 3: We’re Doing It Because We’re Gay/Bi

In accordance with some folk, non-monogamy will be the purview of this gays. Or perhaps, one or each of us should be bi and “need” “both” genders, correct? Nearly. Many directly people tend to be into ethical non-monogamy (and lots of gay folk tend to be into monogamy), plus for those of you people that queer? It’s not generally

exactly why

we are morally non-monogamous. Additionally, as a part note: there are many than two men and women.

Myth #4: We’re At A Higher Threat For Getting An STI/STD

The logic here type of follows
, we’ll acknowledge that. Although statistics just don’t concur:
in accordance with one current learn
, folks in monogamous connection happened to be quite as very likely to get an STI as fairly non-mono people. Which can make a lot of good sense, truly: if you’re covering different fans despite becoming ostensibly monogamous, you’re less likely to want to make use of a condom regarding anxiety about a condom or wrapper getting discovered by the lover. In my experience, mono people commonly also talk about secure sex and sexual history much less.
Morally non-mono people
, in contrast, have actually comprehensive talks about sexual record, current sexual partners and safety practices, and STI assessment and condition — ultimately causing folks to be able to create aware decisions in what risks they just take, which will keep the possibility of STI indication lower than you otherwise might expect.

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